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Projects Shown on This Page:
Top Left: Creekside Home - Entry
Top Center: Creekside Home - Master Bathroom
Top Right: Creekside Home - Creekside Veranda

Middle Left: Lakeside Home - Stairway
Middle Center: Lakeside Home - Exterior
Middle Right: Lakeside Home - Gallery

Lower Left: Uptown Condominium - Living Room Decor
Lower Center: Creekside Home - Great Room
Lower Right: Marine Drive Condominium - Living Room and Dining Room Decor
Creekside Home and Lakeside Home were designed by Hollis Home Design founder Cayl Hollis while working as Senior Designer and Project Architect for the firm of Tilton + Lewis, now known as Tilton, Kelly + Bell. All images of these homes are shown by permission of Tilton, Kelly + Bell.

Lakeside Home photographs are copyright of and shown by permission of Craig Klomparens.

Creekside Home, Marine Drive Condominium, and Uptown Condominium photographs are by Cayl Hollis.

Your Dream Home

Our Vision

Your home should be a unique expression of who you are, a place of comfort, and a joyful expression of your identity, interests, and values.

Hollis Home Design believes in the strength of ideas and the magic of vision, the ability to imagine wondrous possibilities and communicate those ideas to others. These are the strengths of the architect, and the joy of design.

Let Hollis Home Design work with you to explore wonderful possibilities for your home, whether it be a new custom home design, concepts for an addition to your current house, ideas for renovating your beloved residence, options for a colorful update to your home's exterior, ideas for an outdoor living space, or a rethinking of your interior décor. Large or small, ideas are worth exploring.

Let Hollis Home Design be your personal resource for design ideas for your home.