Home Renovations

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Projects Shown on This Page:
Top Left: Margate Park Condominium - Kitchen Remodeling Concept
Top Center: Uptown Condominium - Kitchen Upgrades
Top Right: Ranch House Addition & Remodeling - Compilation Images

Middle Left: North Shore Porches - Compilation Images
Middle Center: Uptown Penthouse - In-Progress Kitchen View
Middle Right: Uptown Penthouse - Dining to Kitchen Gateway

Lower Left: Uptown Penthouse - Master Suite Remodeling Study
Lower Center: Uptown Penthouse - In-Progress Master Suite View
Lower Right: Uptown Penthouse - Master Suite Study
The North Shore Porches were designed by Hollis Home Design founder Cayl Hollis while working as Senior Designer and Project Architect for the firm of Tilton + Lewis, now known as Tilton, Kelly + Bell. All images of that project are shown by courtesy of Tilton, Kelly + Bell.

Uptown Condominium Kitchen and Uptown Penthouse photographs are by Cayl Hollis

All drawings were created by Cayl Hollis.

Home Remodeling Ideas

Designs For Home Additions

Hollis Home Design can work with you on design ideas for a remodeling of or an addition to your home. Our familiarity with renovation work encompasses city and suburban single family homes, vintage and new condominium buildings, as well as Chicago townhouses, walk-ups and flats.

Utilize our experience in planning to uncover hidden opportunities to improve the place you live. Utilize our vision to bring about unexpected life to your home.

Let Hollis Home Design create new possibilities for the home you love.