Home Interiors

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Projects Shown on This Page:
Top Left: Uptown Condominium - Living Room Decor
Top Center: Uptown Condominium - Hallway Decor
Top Right: Uptown Condominium - Dining Room Decor

Middle Left: Marine Drive Condominium - Living Room Decor
Middle Center: Marine Drive Condominium - Master Bedroom Decor
Middle Right: Marine Drive Condominium - Living Room and Dining Room Decor

Lower Left: Marine Drive Condominium - Entry Hall Artwork
Lower Center: Marine Drive Condominium - Master Bedroom Artwork
Lower Right: Uptown Condominium - Master Bathroom Decor
All photographs are by Cayl Hollis.

Colors And Finishes

Furnishings And Art

Your home's décor is the expression of your individuality within your home.  Hollis Home Design can work with you to develop design concepts that tie together the architectural character of your home with your furnishings, finishes, and artwork.

We can work with you in a variety of ways, from selecting a captivating paint palette for your walls and ceilings, assisting you in the selection of wood, stone, area rugs or carpeting for your floors, providing options for furniture pieces that work for your rooms and augment your existing furniture pieces, to recommending appropriate composition and placement of your collected graphics and artwork within your home.

Let Hollis Home Design work with you to create a unique aesthetic for your home's decor.